From start-up to Limited company

    Most of our customers knows us previously as Copoly UK, where Copoly stands for trademark of cohesive bandages, which we are proud distributor in the United Kingdom since 2015. We have started with the vision to bring good quality bandages onto the UK market where quality does not necessarily mean higher price tag. Started small of few eBay sales to large and steady customer base, our customers are coming back to us on regular basis knowing our products meets highest quality standards and offering excellent customer service along with fast and reliable shipping solution. In 2017 Limited company was established aiming at bringing on board more quality products and satisfying larger scale of customers.  - Exceptional quality, outstanding prices, happy customer!


    COPOLY cohesive bandages previously only available through veterinary distribution only

    Largest selection of true coloured cohesive bandages in the UK by Copoly at



    Sports tapes from German brand Pino - Specialists in Sport tapes and Physiotherapy products

    Pino Sports tapes


    US made Aminavast Kidney Supplement for  cats and dogs Aminavast Kidney Support for Cats and Dogs to help fight renal failure at cats and dogs - Mantastore UK



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