Kinesiology tape from PINO.

Since 2006 PINO offers its own elastic kinesiology tapes for the professional user. Therapeutic know-how, decades of experience and high quality for our experts in physiotherapy practices. In contrast to the original Kinesio Tape, PINO now also offers tapes made of other base material, adapted to the challenges in the respective field of application. Developments in the field of materials led to different tapes in order to achieve the best possible results:  

PINOTAPE pro Therapy (Cotton) - classic cotton tape for therapeutic use PINOTAPE pro Sport (Rayon) - strong adhesive & water-repellent rayon for sports activities

PINOTAPE Pure (Super Sensitive) - mild glue and undyed for sensitive skin PINOTAPE Faszia (myofascial) - special teardrop-shaped recesses for fascial therapy  

Our products are medical devices and therefore subject to strict criteria. All PINOTAPES convince by the following features:  

  • Very good skin compatibility
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • polyacrylate adhesive
  • Permeable to air and liquids
  • breathable
  • Maximum functional range of motion so that free and healing-oriented training can be made possible
  • Use in therapy, sports and work & leisure activities  


The Kinesiological Tape is a medical device used to prevent or treat most muscle, joint or lymphatic disorders. What makes it so special is elasticity similar to that of human skin 130% -140%.

Kinesio taping is the best alternative in the treatment of pain. Kinesiology tape Pino ProSport adheres to the skin with a special application technique. Pain can be attenuated quickly, without side-effects. Problems in making movements are usually instantly improved and self-healing power of the body is activated.

Special features:

• Material made of cotton

• Excellent adhesion to the skin

• Corrugated material with leather glue

• Can stay on skin for up to 5-7 days

• Breathable material

• Waterproof material

• The material allows quick drying

• Roll dimensions: 5m x 5cm  



Step 1 - Allergen testing.

The skin sensitivity test is done with a piece of kinesio tape of small size 5cm x 5cm that is placed on your arm. Wait 30 minutes. If you are experiencing tingling or itching, remove the kinesio tape immediately and wash off any adhesive residue on your skin.

Step 2 - Preparation.

The skin should be dry and free of any other oils or creams. Apply tape at least 30 minutes before activity. Cut out rounded rounds to prevent prematurely stripping the strip from the skin. You can use a special Tape Original Tape Cutter or other scissors.   

All kinesiological tapes from PINO are produced using the same material and do not contain different components. The efficacy of different colours for kinesiological tapes has only a psychological impact.