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COPOLY Cohesive Bandages

2.5cm cohesive finger wrap bandages bright assorted


 Ideal bandage to wrap rotary tattoo machines. Commonly used for wrapping fingers and in nail art.

5cm tattoo wrap cohesive bandages dog wrap paw wrap


 Mainly used in Veterinary for holdig cannula in place or wrapping injuries (commonly used for dog paw injuries). Very popular for wrapping tattoo machines.

sock tape 1st aid cohesive bandages copoly


 Popular tool for sock taping in Football. Perfect addition to your First Aid kit. Ideal solution to wrap bruised or swollen ankles and any other injuries related to sport

vet wrap bulk bandages 10cm pink black red blue


 Predominantly used in Veterinary for large animals - Livestock marking , horse wraps, compression bandages etc.

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